Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

For purposes of these FAQs, we are referring to the mobile interface – ATTENDANT CARDS – as “ACARDS”, and the web-based management dashboard as “ATTENDANT SP”.

What features do ACARDS have?

ACARDS offer a very comprehensive set of features that allows you to interact with your customers before, during, and after service. Additionally, we have included several value-added features that will be of significant benefit to your customers. Our idea is to offer one single go-to place on the smartphone where vehicle owners will manage everything related to their vehicles. Some of the features currently available or soon to be added are:

  •   Key vehicle data with unique Identifier (ex. VIN)
  •   Auto Service Provider contact info (phone, email, text)
  •   Service notifications / reminders with calendar integration
  •   Pre Check-IN proprietary feature
  •   Maintenance Schedule
  •   Service History
  •   Cloud storage for customers’ own records and docs
  •   Vehicle recall notices
  •   Electronic coupons
  •   Electronic payment integration
  •   Social media engagement
  •   Information services
  •   Beacon-ready for positioning and detection
  •   Referrals with lead generation and tracking 

Can I use my brand (logo, name, colors) with ACARDS?

Your customers are YOUR customers. Therefore, they need to see one brand when they interact with your business. ATTENDANT SP has been designed to be a “white label” product. As such, it can be rebranded with the logo, name, colors, and any other branding element of your auto service business. We provide and support the technology behind it, but give you the control and visibility however you decide to deploy it.

How do I distribute ACARDS to my customers?

It is really simple and FAST. ACARDS can be distributed via email, text message, and even Bluetooth. We know it is sometimes difficult to get a grasp around such revolutionary distribution method, and that is why we encourage you to request a live demo. In this case, you have to see it to believe it!

What mobile devices are supported?

The best experience is on the iPhone platform right now. ACARDS require the use of FREE third-party apps in the case of Android and Blackberry phones. Windows phones are already compatible. Specific instructions to your customers on how to handle different mobile devices will be shared upon delivery of an ACARD.

Are ACARDS secure elements?

Privacy and security are prime concerns for us. We use the best technologies, including data encryption, to protect your data and your customers’ information. ACARDS are hosted on your customers’s electronic wallets. Current mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.) put a lot of emphasis on security around such electronic wallets. Therefore, you can sleep tight at night knowing that your customers info is safe.

Can I push multiple ACARDS to the same Customer?

YES. We usually assign one ACARD to one vehicle. Therefore, if you service more than one vehicle for any of your customers, they can have multiple ACARDS at the same time. Such capability enables customers to manage multiple vehicles that belong to the same household.

What features does ATTENDANT SP have?

ATTENDANT SP is the central dashboard where all the mobile elements (ACARDS) are created and managed. We have spent significant time designing and testing it with the goal of minimizing the expected interaction between service managers / service associates and the platform, as we want your employees to do what they do best: serve your customers. Some of the features currently available or soon to be added are:

  •   Graphic dashboard to provide a quick view of Attendant SP’s mobile ecosystem, with expanded view for the marketing /executive team.
  •   Ability to create and push out an Attendant Card in less than 2 min. Access to existing customer base via search option.
  •   Proprietary Pre Check-IN feature that gives you visibility on walk-ins BEFORE they get to the shop. Never lose a walk-in customer again to your competition.
  •   Manage your customers’ preferences efficiently, so you can plan workloads and capacity.
  •   Communicate real-time with your customers before, during, and after service.
  •   Create and manage effective mobile marketing campaigns. We will give you full visibility on customer engagement and response.
  •   Push electronic coupons and offers without effort. Bye bye to snail mail and hello to a greener Earth.
  •   Comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  •   Low-friction feature to provide mobile confirmation of service appointments, including calendar integration.

Which browsers work best with ATTENDANT SP?

We prefer to render ATTENDANT SP’s dashboard using any HTML5 compatible browser, like Chrome, Windows IE, or Safari. Firefox also works but we are planning to do some additional testing before including it permanently on the list.

Is ATTENDANT SP easy to learn and use?

Absolutely. It is really intuitive and simple to use. Users will only require an hour or two of training, which can be done remotely via video conference. We will be adding an online support library, as well as a user community forum in the very near future.

Would integration with my existing systems be an issue?

Integration with your current IT systems (DMS, CRM, etc.) is not a requirement, yet it is possible. We have designed ATTENDANT SP to be a self-contained platform, which means that no integration is necessary to start deployment on Day 1.

How scalable is the overall solution?

In a nutshell,  ATTENDANT SP is ready to be deployed in  a single location or can be rolled out in multiple locations at the same time. ATTENDANT SP’s architecture auto-scales to handle any load. Additionally, we have put our software through some rigorous stress testing scenarios with successful results. Due to how robust the platform is, we can attest to the performance if your rollout strategy involves pushing thousands of ACARDS at the same time.

Why ATTENDANT SP is so affordable?

Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model leverages the power of cloud computing, minimizing the amount of infrastructure needed to launch our solution. We had the vision, since the very beginning, to offer an inexpensive alternative to empower businesses with all the benefits offered by seamless mobile presence.

Is ATTENDANT SP available outside the US?

We are currently focused on the US market. International markets will soon follow. If you are an international auto service provider and are interested in learning more about ATTENDANT SP, please contact us at and write “INTERNATIONAL” at the top of your message.


We will keep working hard to make ATTENDANT SP the best mobile solution for auto service providers and their customers. If you are interested in learning more about what our roadmap looks like, please reach out to us. We will be happy to share what our vision and near-term goals are.

ATTENDANT SP is the perfect solution for your auto service business: new branded marketing channel, customer retention tool, incremental revenue opportunities, plus a low operating cost. What’s not to like? Request a DEMO today!


Our company’s mission is to design and develop mobile presence solutions that connect businesses with customers in a meaningful and relevant manner. We leverage our unique technology and overall low cost to do it, where it was not possible before.

ATTENDANT SP is bringing mobile to our first vertical: automotive. We are establishing that fundamental connection between drivers, and their vehicles, with auto service providers.

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