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How many Attendant Cards can I get and use? Can I use it for other types of vehicles?

You can create as many Attendant Cards (“ACards”) as you need. We recommend creating one card per vehicle you own. For example, let’s say you own three vehicles: Ford F-150 pick-up truck, Toyota Camry, and Chrysler Minivan. You can create one card for each of them with the same account (same username and password). If you do so, you will end up with three ACards and you can manage each vehicle separately. You do NOT need to sign up for another account to add vehicles.

If you have any other engine/motor vehicle that is NOT an automobile or truck, like a motorcycle, motorboat, etc. you can also create an ACard for such asset. Just remember that you may not see any recalls.

I do not know how to find Apple Wallet on my phone. Is there an easy way to get there?

In a nutshell, Apple Wallet is your digital wallet. If you have not used it yet, you will be doing it pretty soon. Your boarding passes (air travel) and train tickets will go there. Apple’s electronic payment solution (“Apple Pay”) uses Apple Wallet to store your credit cards.

You can use Siri (Apple’s voice recognizing Personal Assistant), to find it, or swipe down and enter ‘Apple Wallet’ in the search box. To get Siri’s help, simply hold the home button on your phone (yes, the only button on the front of the phone), until Siri shows up and asks you what you need. Then say “Show me Wallet”. Siri will find it and will open it for you. Thank you, Siri!

I will be using Apple Wallet for the very first time. Can you give me a crash course?

Not really. There are many resources on the web, and you can find a quick guide on Apple’s website at:

The only one thing that you need to know right now is that you can find all of Attendant’s features on the back of the card. To see the back of your ACard you have to tap on the info icon that you will find on the lower right corner:

Info Button ACard WFAQs

I do not see the “Add” prompt to put my Attendant Card into Apple Wallet. Where is it?

The “Add” prompt will show up on the top right corner:

Add To Passbook WFAQs

I like Attendant so far and would like to share it with Friends and Family. Am I allowed?

Short answer is YES. Please feel free to share Attendant. You can easily do it through the “Share” links on the back of the ACard. We advise sharing this FAQ link as well. 

Does it work with Android? What about Windows? Blackberry?

The best experience is on the iPhone platform right now. If you want to try it on other devices, using third-party apps to simulate the Passbook experience, you can do it.  One app available for Android and Blackberry is called “PassWallet”. Passbook support is baked into the operating system on newer Windows smartphones. We will be working on enhancing the user experience for Android / Blackberry / Windows smartphones later this year.

I would like to get in touch with you via email instead of using the form on the website. Is there an email address I can use? What if I have further questions beyond this FAQ sheet?

Sure. We are always happy to hear back from you. Please email us at

You can find ATTENDANT’s Terms and Conditions here and Privacy Statement here.


Our company’s mission is to design and develop mobile presence solutions that connect businesses with customers in a meaningful and relevant manner. We leverage our unique technology and overall low cost to do it, where it was not possible before.

ATTENDANT SP is bringing mobile to our first vertical: automotive. We are establishing that fundamental connection between drivers, and their vehicles, with auto service providers.

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