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Have a look at all the advantages of the best technology.
It will truly  connect your service business with your customers:

Mobile Presence Infrastructure

Why mobile? Several marketing studies indicate that customer loyalty and engagement increases between 20% and 30% when you have a branded mobile presence. Almost 100% of Generation Y (Millennials) is exclusively gravitating towards mobile, yet some Baby Boomers still are intimidated by smartphones. You need a solution that will cater to EVERYBODY. If you still consider that going mobile is a difficult and expensive endeavor, think again! ATTENDANT SP is the solution you have been waiting for.

NEW Marketing Channel

Email and direct mail are not reliable tools anymore. More and more email is ending up in the junk folder and direct mail returns are still too low – on top of not being “green”. You cannot beat having access to your customers anytime, anywhere. ATTENDANT SP offers features and tools to create and manage effective mobile marketing campaigns through a brand NEW CHANNEL. Track any single page view, any single tap; any interaction with the offer; and keep optimizing your marketing strategy.

Competitive Differentiation Solution

On average, 1 in 3 drivers are uncommitted to a particular auto service provider. Would you like to obliterate your competition by offering something they cannot? Create customer stickiness with ATTENDANT SP by offering value to your customers both when they are at the shop, and when they are not.

Customer Retention Tool

Concerned about customer attrition? Acquiring new customers costs 6x more money than retaining your existing base. Keep your current customers BUT bring over new ones too with ATTENDANT SP, at a fraction of the usual marketing expense.

Loyalty Program Foundation

Have you been thinking about creating a loyalty program? ATTENDANT SP offers the foundation for implementing a program tailored to the needs of your auto service business, where loyalty metrics (points, visits, etc.) can be easily tracked by both customer and service provider via mobile.

Incremental Revenue Opportunities

Your business’ mobile platform does not have to be a pure cost line item anymore. Pay in full for the already low cost and generate incremental revenue opportunities. We have developed several strategies leveraging ATTENDANT SP‘s compelling value offering.

Mobile Presence in Seconds

Powerful User Interface

Easy to use, yet so impressive regarding its set of features. Attendant Cards are digital, dynamic elements residing natively in your customers’ smartphones. They have been carefully designed to improve the auto service experience and to provide a breadth of functionality never seen before.

Unique Upload Mechanism

Just imagine pushing out a mobile application via email, text messaging, and even Bluetooth technology. The days of begging your customers to go to the App Store, download an old-fashioned app, install it, and learn how to use it are over. In a matter of seconds, your customers will have a store-branded Attendant Card on their phones, while they are at your location… so easy that some of them will not believe it.

Lightweight Technology. Developed for Speed

Our Attendant Cards use the best lightweight technology that facilitates electronic distribution. We have spent substantial time optimizing the design and performance to offer an unparalleled experience. Reliability and speed are attributes at the top of our list.

Smartwatch and Payment Integration

We are Apple Watch ready and are working to be available soon on other smartwatches. Our integration with Apple Pay and other electronic payment methods is also included with ATTENDANT SP.

Attendant Card - Detailed Features

  •   Key vehicle data with unique Identifier
  •   Auto Service Provider contact info (phone, email, text)
  •   Service notifications / reminders with calendar integration
  •   Pre Check-IN proprietary feature
  •   Maintenance Schedule
  •   Service History
  •   Cloud storage for customers’ own records and docs
  •   Vehicle recall notices
  •   Electronic coupons
  •   Electronic payment integration
  •   Social media engagement
  •   Information services
  •   Beacon-ready for positioning and detection
  •   Referrals with lead generation and tracking 

Responsive and Intuitive web-based Interface

Attendant SP’s dashboard gives you absolute control to create, push, and manage all your Attendant Cards.
Our Software-as-a-Service model allows you to pay only for the number of Attendant Cards deployed and active.

Scale up or down as needed.

Web-based Dashboard: ATTENDANT SP - Detailed Features

  •   Graphic dashboard to provide a quick view of Attendant SP’s mobile ecosystem, with expanded view for the marketing /executive team.
  •   Ability to create and push out an Attendant Card in less than 2 min. Access to existing customer base via search option.
  •   Proprietary Pre Check-IN feature that gives you visibility on walk-ins BEFORE they get to the shop. Never lose a walk-in customer again to your competition.
  •   Manage your customers’ preferences efficiently, so you can plan workloads and capacity.
  •   Communicate real-time with your customers before, during, and after service.
  •   Create and manage effective mobile marketing campaigns. We will give you full visibility on customer engagement and response.
  •   Push electronic coupons and offers without effort. Bye bye to snail mail and hello to a greener Earth.
  •   Comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  •   Low-friction feature to provide mobile confirmation of service appointments, including calendar integration.

Lowest Cost in the Market. Proven high ROI.

We are bringing mobile presence to the whole auto service industry.
It does not matter if you are a big automotive group or one-shop small service provider. 

Our solution is so compelling from an operating cost perspective that you can even make incremental revenue upon deployment.
No hidden costs. No hogwash.

Reach out to us to discuss pricing. You will not believe it!


Our company’s mission is to design and develop mobile presence solutions that connect businesses with customers in a meaningful and relevant manner. We leverage our unique technology and overall low cost to do it, where it was not possible before.

ATTENDANT SP is bringing mobile to our first vertical: automotive. We are establishing that fundamental connection between drivers, and their vehicles, with auto service providers.

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